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Early Access Program​

Our platform is in beta, and you can join it via our Early Access Program.

Status: Available

The Early Access Program has limited spots as we closely work with and support the businesses in our our Early Access Program.

We will work closely with the Early Access participants to take their feedback and shape the platform.

Pressing this button should redirect to a form that collects:

  • Name (text input)

  • Business Email (email)

  • Business Name (text input)

  • Country (text input or dropdown menu)
    Business size (dropdown menu) 

  • Brief use case overview (text input)

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Choose your Plan

These purchase buttons are fake buttons (we are not actually charging for services yet). On button press, they should make a popup or show some sort message to join the Early Access Program instead.

Create tailored AR effects
We will design your a custom AR animation effect, whether it’s an animation ...

Price: Custom 
Enterprise Customer
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Frequently asked questions

Can’t I just use Sentiful to create the effects myself?

Yes you can. However, we can perform even better tracking. You also get accessed to advanced analytics to understanding your campaign. App users also have a smaller scans limit. Plus support is included.

What happens if I go over the monthly limits?

When you are signing up for a plan, you will be prompted to choose between two options for when you hit the monthly limit. You can either pause the campaign for the remainder of the month(default option), or pay additionally for the extra scans at a cheap rate of just $0.10 per scan.